Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Thermo Fisher Scientific was a very large scale corporate project using 3D Virtual Walkthrough technology. This large division of Thermo Sceintific is located in Petaluma California.  There are other labs in several locations around the USA. This project took 15 hours to complete over the course of 2 days. It included a lot of 360 and there are several 360 views that where taken from high on top of a scissor lift! The end result gives a complete birds eye view of the laboratory. Hours of careful editing allowed us to completely focus on the parts of the lab there of most importance to our client. This project has been repeatedly shown World Wide and used in lectures.

Thermo Scientific is currently at the front lines of ending the Covid 19 Pandemi! There was a sense of pride working on this facility. This lab runs 24 hours a day so, to capture a top notch 3D Virtual Tour was no easy endeavor. Lots of employee’s all with mask and hair nets where constantly present both days of the shoot. Editing personnel in various states of movement was tricky  but was down with precision. We are well accustomed to high-end 3D Virtual Walkthrough work and rose to the occasion.

Virus Research Solutions for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
Understanding disease progression and associated biomarkers is key to developing treatments for novel viruses. Even though patients may have varying immune responses, it’s possible to determine widespread prevention and treatment options. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete portfolio of tools and technologies to enable SARS-CoV-2 virus research, supporting collaboration and the acceleration of lifesaving discoveries.