About Us

Vargas XR: Indie VR/AR/MR/App Developer

What does Vargas XR Do?

My name is Steve Vargas I am the owner of Vargas XR “Mind Over Matter”I am a Programmer and Developer of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality (XR) and Mobile Applications.  I  have been in business as a full stack programmer since 1994 and up until early 2019 I owned Vargas Media my first sole proprietorship that I started 1995 after finishing San Francisco State University’s Multimedia Studies Program.

My curiosity and passion for creating allows me to perform at this level and I feel my best work is coming yet. With XR I feel I have truly found the new frontier. According to Samsung Vice President at the Samsung conference 2016: “We are still at the “duct-tape and baling wire of this technology”, we have only scratched the surface of where it will go.” That excites me!

The level of my programming along with the projects and people I have worked for over the years has brought me to XR Development. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding  the nature of your project, timeline and budgets.

Please send us and email,  or call/text: 707-495-2538